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While most solar providers are cutting corners (at your expense) with the cheapest overseas “product of the month”, Delta Solar is proud to install 100% California Manufactured Professional Solar Racking and American, European or Japanese solar panels and inverters. We understand the importance of high quality materials and components as solar is a 30-year investment for your home, which is normally your most important asset.

We will show you how to compare solar panels and inverters based on unbiased standards testing by the California Energy Commission (CEC). All products Delta installs have a 100% power output guarantee (terms and condition upon request). Many of today’s lower quality products can deviate by as much as 15% from panel-to-panel and still be within their stated specifications. This deviation, which is found even with some brand-name solar panel manufactures, comes from buying low quality solar cells from overseas suppliers. Negative deviation comes right from your bottom line in the form of higher utility bills.

The best part is that with Delta Solar you don’t have to pay more to have the highest quality American-made system components on your roof. Due to our volume purchase agreements and low overhead, we are able to offer you a system that will look and work just as good for many years from now as it does the day it was installed. When you can afford the best, why settle for less?

For more than a quarter of a century, SunPower has been leading the solar revolution. We design, manufacture and deliver new solar technologies. Raise standards. Break records. And, we’re also changing the way the world is powered. That’s why the people who know solar, choose SunPower — One of the Best Standard for Solar™.

Not all solar panels are created equally. In fact, there’s a huge range in efficiency. So if you’re looking for efficient solar, look at the facts. SunPower® solar cells currently hold an outstanding record in efficiency at 22.4 percent. And that’s why SunPower solar panels deliver up to 50 percent more energy than conventional panels. How do we do it? With our revolutionary patented, all-back contact, SunPower® Maxeon™ solar cell technology.

The front of our solar cell captures significantly more light than many other solar cells on the market—even in lowlight conditions. That’s because there are no metal gridlines on the surface to block the light, and because we use only the best, premium silicon inside our solar cells. Our wider metal contacts conduct more electrical current and a backside mirror reflects more light back into the cell. The bottom line? When you’re looking at solar, efficiency matters. And SunPower makes one of the most efficient solar energy systems in the world, delivering more solar electricity per square foot than any other solar power company on the planet.

A pioneer in the solar industry, REC Group operates two US-based solar manufacturing plants, employing a staff of about 750 in Moses Lake, Washington and Butte, Montana. These facilities have
an annual capacity of 7,200 Tons of silicon.

REC Group is one of the world’s largest producers of silicon materials, wafers, solar cells and panels. The REC Group advantage is that they are a “Sand to Sun” manufacturer so they have control over the entire process. In other words, they are literally producing silicon from sand and shipping competed solar panels. No other manufacturer can make this claim. This is how they are able to offer one of the best power tolerances in the industry, -0 Watts and +5 Watts. In comparison, Sharp’s power tolerance for their popular 235W panel is -12W. So why would you pay more for less power?

SMA Solar Technology is the world’s largest producer of grid-tied solar inverters and is the only vendor that has a product range with the matching inverter type for any module type and any power class. German engineered, manufactured in Denver Colorado with US headquarters near Sacramento, California, the SMA Sunnyboy series has been the standard and one of the most trusted inverter for residential and small commercial applications.

The inverter is technologically the most important component in any solar power system: it converts the direct current generated in photovoltaic cells into alternating current suitable for the grid. In addition, it is an intelligent system manager, responsible for yield monitoring and grid management

Professional Solar Products (ProSolar) is the original patent holding U.S. manufacturer of the RoofTrac® "Top-Down" solar mounting system. The RoofTrac, GroundTrac, and Solar Wedge have become standard on all high-quality solar installations.

ProSolar provides a very competitive value to the solar industry in terms of quality and service and has been manufacturing solar equipment for many years it has been an outstanding pv mounting manufacturer. ProSolar ensures systems are fully engineered and tested. This has resulted in zero product failures, even through Florida hurricanes and major California earthquakes. No other manufacturer can make this claim. ProSolar is based in Southern California and all products are made in the U.S. by U.S. workers, ensuring long-term product quality and safety.