Delta Solar Electric 1st quarter results

By Van Parseghian
San Diego | April 1, 2011

Delta Solar Electric broke their quarterly installation record with 9 installations totaling about 50kW or about 200 solar panels, for the 1st quarter of 2011. The installations were as far South as Chula Vista and as far North as the City of Winchester, in Riverside County.
The largest installation was 12kW on a standing seam copper roof in La Jolla. Four 215W panels were added to an existing system that was installed in 2009, so that qualifies as the smallest installation.
The types of installations include a 9kW ground-mounted system in Rancho Santa Fe and a 3kW thin-film flexible solar glue-down installation on an aluminum patio cover in Winchester, adding to an existing 6kW system installed in 2009. Both of the system additions eliminated the customer’s remaining SDG&E bill the month following the addition.

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