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With today’s instability in the world energy markets, combined with generous state and federal solar subsidies, now is the time to become energy independent by generating your own free solar electricity from the sun; eliminating the headaches of unpredictable monthly SDG&E bills. Instead, relax and enjoy San Diego’s sunshine while watching your electric meter spin backwards as you say “goodbye” to SDG&E bills and “hello” to solar savings.

The Delta Difference: We get it! Proper system sizing, design, and product selection up front is the key to maximizing your return and reducing your payback period. We work with you to review each and every option to determine the best solution for your budget, available roof space, and expected rate of financial return. We are dedicated solar professionals with several years of experience and a proven track record with hundreds of customers that love to brag about their experience with us and how their savings is consistently exceeding expectations.

CA State Contractor’s License #: 953225                   San Diego Solar Energy Consultation

Solar Panel Installations

San Diego Solar Power Installations

There are four basic installation types: Roof-Flush, Roof-Tilted, Ground-Mounted, and Specialty. Your installation will be custom engineered based on your roof type, site specifics, and personal preference...

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Solar Panels

Residential Solar Panel System

Delta Solar understands your 30-year investment for your quality home, which is normally your most important asset and offers the highest quality American and European solar modules, inverters and racking that offer more savings each and every year...

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Solar Power Gallery

Happy Solar Power Customers

Browse a few of our completed and in-progress installations; from South SD County (Imperial Beach) up to North LA County (Santa Clarita).

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Solar Power Latest News

Residential Electricity Pricing in California: We Need an Overhaul, not a Tune-Up

Here at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), we love win-win solutions. This is why we’re big fans of time-of-use (TOU) electricity pricing.      More San Diego Solar Power

You Could Make More Money Investing In Solar Panels Than Stocks You Could Make More Money Investing In Solar Panels Than Stocks

It's so cheap to go solar now, that the savings may beat stock-market profits in the long haul. Thinking of putting your money into the stock market? Think again. Solar panels may be a better bet.     More San Diego Solar Power

Your solar panels are probably facing the wrong way

The conventional wisdom about solar panels — the ones that don’t move as the sun does, at least — is that they should face south, catching rays from the east in the morning and the west in the afternoon.     More San Diego Solar Power

Questions About Solar Energy

How much does a solar electric system cost for my home?

Cost is mainly based on the size of the system in Watts and estimated installation time and materials based on your site specifics. More San Diego Solar Power

What are the government incentives?

The federal government is offering a 30% tax rebate with no cap, saving you thousands of dollars. California’s solar rebates are on a “first-come, first-served” basis and rapidly declining. More San Diego Solar Power

What is the payback?

With your new solar electric system your payback begins immediately! You start saving 7%-12% of your net investment the first year and your annual savings will increase directly proportional to future SDG&E rate hikes. More San Diego Solar Power


Delta Solar Electric installed a 20 panel system on our flat roof and our electric bill went from an average of $150+ /month to the irreducible minimum of taxes and fees, about $5. It has been in place for 18 months and has been problem free.

Mike and Phyllis, La Jolla, CA

Van-Just wanted to let you know. The long awaited SDG&E bill arrived today. Before opening the envelope, Debbie said "let's guess what the amount will be". I guessed $165 (the previous month's bill was $288, which is lower than average). She guessed $22.50. We were both wrong. It was $5.69. You are awesome! Thank you.

Shaun, San Diego, CA

Delta Solar Electric just finished installing my 9300 Watt ground mounted system. I had a complicated installation and needed financing to complete. Van never hesitated to solve any problem that might arise and made this whole procedure painless.

Cassi and Dean, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

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